Up until I started working with Mandi I'd had mixed experiences with counselling. I was quite nervous about the process. But as the weeks unfolded I became more and more enthusiastic about our meetings. Talking to Mandi about the painful experiences that I was coming to terms with, and the tough choices that I was facing in my life, was a wholly positive move. In a relatively short period I gained a lot of confidence and my outlook brightened significantly. As such, I managed to make some very brave decisions that I feel proud of looking back. This is why I'll never forget our meetings and how Mandi helped me in such a light and nurturing way. In short, I loved working with Mandi. Rachael, 28

Mandi has offered me a safe place to just be me and explore what that means. JL, 32

I've been to some very scary places with Mandi, but she was with me all the way and allowed me to be brave. I'm so glad I did!! Life just gets better and better now. PF 29

Safe, accepting, real compassion and understanding. Keith, 54

She knows her stuff but doesn't push you. Loved our sessions, even the most painful ones!! James 43


Mandi Jackson

Phone: 07990 932 832 or email: mandij@madasafish.com

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